Week 3 assignment

To prepare for this assignment, review the mission and vision statements of your selected organization.
Analyze how your project aligns with the organization’s stated focus. Also, identify the socioecological factors that affect the health of the population served by your organization. How does this influence your project?

Assignment 1:
Applied Project Section 1: Background and Organizational Overview The Assignment: Paper (2–3 pages) Develop Section 1: •

Provide a general background for and description of the program plan and intervention. •

Describe the agency and organization (e.g, board of governors). How do those factors affect the program planning for your Applied Project? •

Analyze the major socioecological factors affecting the health of the population by explaining how these factors relate to your Applied Project and effects on the population

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Assignment 1: Applied Project Section 1

Background of the Program
Diarrhoeal disease is one of the major killers of children under five years of age. Literature suggests that diarrheal disease also significantly contributes to stagnancy which leads to cognitive deficits, lower academic performance and lower economic productivity (SHINE, 2015). Infection pathways are mainly connected with poor water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices (Demberere, Muyambo, Mutengu, Ncozana, & Manyeruke, 2014, p. 98). In rural Zimbabwe, 46% of mothers of children under five dispose children’s stool in an unsanitary way. In addition, there is a very high percentage of people who do not wash their hands regularly (Demberere, Chidziya, Ncozana, & Manyeruke, 2016). In order to control the safe disposal of human faeces which is the main sources of diarrhoeal pathogens, it...

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