Write a list of contacts and/ or stakeholders for WASH related diseases outbreak.

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List of Contacts and Stakeholders for WASH related diseases outbreak in Zimbabwe
Information Sheet

This list of contacts and stakeholders has been created as a part of the proposal for the implementation of a Community-Led Total Sanitation intervention named CLEANZ. CLEANZ aims to eradicate open defecation practices in the Mudzi village in east Zimbabwe thus contributing to lowering the incidence of WASH related diseases among residents of this rural community. The list includes the names and a short description of the activities of identified stakeholders as well as their website addresses where available. The list mainly consists of governmental institutions which closely collaborate with the World Vision Zimbabwe organization and which are responsible for WASH related diseases outbreak management. I would like to acknowledge the great support I received from the World Vision Zimbabwe staff that helped me to compose this list and identify the names of relevant contact and stakeholders for the CLEANZ program....

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