Develop Section 3a (1–2 pages) of your Applied Project, which addresses the following:
Revise your process and outcome objectives from your proposed community health intervention to expand them in more detail and ensure they are SMART. Explain how each objective is SMART.
Explain the methodology used in the intervention and why you found this method to be the most appropriate.

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Primary objective: As a result of CLEANZ Community-Led Total Sanitation intervention, all residents of the Mudzi village will report a 100% reduction in open defecation practices 1 to 6 months after the intervention.
This outcome is specific because it provides the answer to 5 “W” questions. CLEANZ aims to achieve a 100% reduction in open defecation practices (What?). Achieving open defecation free status in communities reduces health risks associated with poor hygiene and faecal contamination (Why?). The objective names all of the residents (Who?) in the Mudzi village (Where?) as people responsible for reporting the success of intervention. In order to achieve the desired results, village residents will have to overcome established social behavior barriers which may prevent them from constructing and using WASH facilities (Lawrence, et al., 2016) (Which limits are...

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