Read an article by Jones-Shoeman, C. (2010). Vegan Vitamin B12 Deficiency is a Myth
Investigate your topic from at least two other ‘popular sources’ of nutrition information readily available to the average consumer (eg. Newspaper, Magazine, Internet, Television, Gymnasium, Health food store, Government publication, Health professional) summarising briefly what they say about the topic.
Remember to cite/reference the popular sources in addition to the original source used in APA 6th referencing style.
Then review the scientific literature (ie. peer reviewed scientific journals) to see what the science says.
Make sure you paper answers all the questions below:
Q1.   What is your topic? ie. from the original source, what is their claim or the information you are seeking to find the 'truth' about.
Q2.   What do the popular sources of nutrition information say about your topic? Include any authors and qualifications for these.
Q3.   Who is providing the information in the original source and what are their qualifications?
Q4.   What is their aim?
Q5.   Is the original source trying to sell you something?
Q6.   Do they use scientific terms and jargon to persuade you? Use examples
Q7.   Is the information based on science? Use at least 2 examples from the scientific literature to support or refute the claims in the original source..
Q8.   On a scale from 1-5 how do you rate the truth of this information, summarising why you have given this rating (1= not true; 5= true).

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The article is written by Cindy Jones-Shoeman for a website (Jones-Shoeman, 2010). Cindy Jones-Shoeman is a poet, the author of Last Sunset, and she is an owner of an independent film producing company. She is a feature writer for Suite 101. Her interests include music, reading, environmental issues and vegetarian & sustainable lifestyle. She is not a scientist and probably her writing habit, and interest in vegetarian lifestyle has prompted her to write this article. is a website that says that the content of the article is purely the opinion of the author and are presented for educational or commentary purposes. doesn’t take any responsibility for the misuse or use of the articles mentioned. While the website says that the articles are not for the commercial use, it is most likely a commercial...

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