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1. Recognize the major physiological, social and psychological factors influencing eating patterns and eating behavior at each lifestage, and how they can affect health
2. Learn some the RDI’s for some specific nutrients whose intake may be at risk at each lifestage
3. Recall key dietary recommendations for each lifestage (eg no. serves), as derived from prescribed resources.
4. Understand the composition of breast milk and the implications for preparing infant formula.

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1. Answer: Now a day’s eating habits are of major concern among all the individuals as a determinant of healthiness. The pattern of eating habits is well associated with social and psychological factors among different age groups. Deprived eating habits are of major public health concern for individuals who experienced a transition in different age groups as they are exposed to pressure and lack of moment in time. There is a number of factors that cause difficulty against acceptance of healthy behaviours, such as poor eating habits, socioeconomic factors, and physiological factors at certain age groups.

1. Infants / Early childhood:

a. Physiological factors According to UNICEF 2015 report the first 1000 days of lifespan from the day of origin till the child attends two years of age are considered most important development phase. The early healthy child growth development includes physical, emotional, social, and cognitive domains of child’s development at a later stage. The risk factors associated with early child growth development includes...

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