THE TOPIC IS “Pre-hospital Management of Pediatric Burns”

•At least three peer-reviewed references. Use APA format on the References section.
•A least one picture or diagram that illustrates your topic
•A definition and description of your topic
•Related pathophysiology or background of the topic
•How the medical condition presents or the impact of the problem on Emergency Medical Services
•Prehospital management of the condition or how to implement a solution to the problem.
•Any controversies related to the problem or pitfalls in management to avoid
•OPTIONAL: Links to YouTube or other video sites that illustrate your topic

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Pre-hospital Management of Pediatric Burns

Burn injuries constitute a major cause of physical and psychosocial morbidity in children, with severe burns causing lifelong disability or death (Grisham & Deming, 2011). The source of burn injuries may be due to direct contact with flame, hot liquids and chemical-related burns. Severe burn injuries require acute care for pain management, a process that may be difficult for young patients. After checking into emergency department, burn specialists are expected to map a treatment and recovery strategy for the patient that is consistent with the health needs of the patient – addressing both short-term and long-term physical, psychological, and social needs (Matthews et al., 2016). Survivors of severe burns may have to endure lifelong physical disfigurement and disabilities (Grisham & Deming, 2011). The immediate family may also suffer trauma and psychological adjustment problem in dealing with non-fatal severe burn of a young patient. Prehospital care, acute and long-term pediatric management for pediatric burn patients is complicated because of the anatomical and physiological features of children – labor intensive and often costly...

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