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Nutrition Career Investigation - Weight Management Dietitians focused on Obesity.
1. Investigate its job outlook. What are the employment trends? How did you determine this? (5 pts)
2. What is the salary for different states (three) of the United States? How did you find these salaries? (6 pts)
3. In these states, do you have to registered and licensed to practice OR only a registered dietitian/nutritionist? Where did you find the information? (4 pts)
4. What are the education and training requirements? Any specialty certifications? (5 pts)
5. What excites you about this position? (5 pts)
6. Investigate professional associations someone with the job may join. Explain why they may join them. (at least 3, other than the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – give URL/webpage) (6 pts)
7. What are three activities that you may consider becoming involved in (volunteering, part-time job, etc.) to gain more information about the position? (6 pts)
8. You have an individual lifestyle, you also are developing an individual career-style that reflects you preferences, approaches, methods, and manners for your future work environment. Prioritize you different work environment characteristics that would be strengths and/or limitations to attaining this job. (8 pts)

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Investigate its job outlook. What are the employment trends? How did you determine this? (5 pts)
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Nutritionist and Dietitian specialty is a promising career, with a projected growth of up to 14% within the next ten years – a growth that is perceived to be faster than average for most of other careers1. Weight management dietitians will increasingly find opportunities in nursing care facilities, outpatient care facilities, specialty hospitals, and home healthcare facilities and may also collaborate privately with other health practitioners to offer patient education on wellness and weight management – healthy diets, physical exercise, and use of nutritional supplements, if necessary.   
A major reason underlying the high demand for weight management dietitians is the increasing number of overweight persons in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that more than 36.5 per cent of American adults are obese2. This represents about 78 million people. Given that obesity is associated with other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, stroke, heart diseases and some cancers; dieticians will increasingly play a significant role in providing patient education and healthy lifestyle advocacy – educating patients on healthy meals and meals to avoid....

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