Use of smartphone applications in management of diabetes
1. You will choose a topic that is relevant to your program study for your Application Paper.
2. Search the electronic databases for information sources to use for your assigned final paper topic.
3. Read and write an annotated bibliography of 8-10 articles you will use to write your paper.
4. Write an outline showing how you will organize the presentation of your paper. It should be at most 7-8 pages (exclusive of the title page, abstract, references and appendices). The outline should include (1) significance of the paper, (2) major headings, and (3) sub-headings as appropriate.

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Topic: Use of smartphone applications in management of diabetes
I. Introduction
This section will provide overview about diabetes and mobile health technologies – in the context of nursing informatics.
II. Understanding Diabetes and management
This section will introduce pathophysiology and management of diabetes
III. Smart Phone Applications for Diabetes Management
- Physical activity monitoring applications
- Nutrition/Diet Applications – analysis of nutrients
- Glucose Monitoring applications (mobile apps that monitor blood glucose, education for self-care.
IV. Limitations of Mobile Applications in managing diabetes and promoting self-care
- This section will identity shortcomings and challenges of using mobile applications for management of diabetes
V. Conclusion
Based on the discussion:
- Identify gaps in research knowledge
- Implications of topic to nursing practice,
- and future areas of research within the context of technology and diabetes.
Kirwan et al. (2013) explored use of mobile application by diabetes educator to communicate messages and feedback to patients on glycemic control and self-care management. The study used randomized control approach to assign patients to usual care and others to mobile application combined with weekly messaging...

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