Case Study:
A Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) student, who is a student member of Academy, is in a computer lab at the university taking an online examination for one of his courses. The course syllabus specifically states that the exam is to be taken without the use of the textbook or class notes. One of the student’s classmates observes the student referring to the text and class notes while completing the online exam. What should be done in this situation?


1. Why is this case an ethical issue? What action or inaction is the cause for concern?

2. Indicate the Category for the Code of Ethics:

3. Explain how/ why this case relates to the Category.

4. Indicate the Principle(s) of the Code of Ethics:

5. Explain how/why this relates to the Principle (s).

6. You are a member of the Ethics Committee what consequential action (penalty/ies) would you recommend and why?

7. How does this behavior conflict with the 2017 Standards of Practice in Nutrition Care and Standards of Professional Performance for a Registered Dietitian.

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1. Why is this case an ethical issue? What action or inaction is the cause for concern?

All the members of ADA agree to abide by ‘The code of ethics’ wherein he/she needs to perform with honesty, integrity and fairness. Further, the student also abides to the promise he/she makes while accepting the code of ethics voluntarily. Accordingly, he/she should strive well to promote high standards of professional practice in order to protect his/her clients and public. Therefore, violating these ethical principles of Code of ethics is a major concern which otherwise leads to an incompetant practitioner in the market which is very dangerous to the clients and public....

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