Eating Well with a Limited Income
Mary is a 35-year-old female present in your office due to poor dentation and obesity. She has been basically living on mashed potatoes, juice, eggs, cheese, and meatloaf for the past 2 months due to her poor dentation. She only eats 2 meals a day because she dislikes breakfast. She has called the dentist, and made an appointment to go next week. She generally shops at the local discount grocery store that accepts the Electronic Benefit Transfer card. She has to feed herself and 3 children and receives only $800.00 per month from the supplemental food program.
She wants to know how she can eat well with this small amount of money and how the doctor can expect her to lose weight. Her height is 5'3" tall and weight is 158 pounds.
1. Based on the amount of money she receives to purchase food, create a 1 day menu (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for four people and indicate how much each meal would cost.
2. What diet (supplements can be included) and exercise recommendations would you have for her to lose weight on her limited food income and poor dentation?

Unit 9: Sport-Specific Nutrition - Discussion

Sport-Specific Nutrition
For the Discussion this unit, please answer one of the following questions:
Explain the following statement: “An endurance athlete who cuts back on carbohydrate intake is committing performance suicide.”
• What role do BCAAs and MCTs play in endurance athletes?
• How are the daily energy requirements different for a sprinter versus a marathon runner?
• How would you rank the order of importance of the three macronutrients for the strength athlete?
• How are the energy needs of a team sport athlete different than those of a strength athlete?

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Carbohydrates Intake for the Athletes

Carbohydrate is an essential nutritional necessity for an athlete who engages in continuous training or competition. According to Burke, Hawle, Wong and Jeukendrup (2011), high carbohydrates intake is an essential dietary recommendation for the athletes as it increases their performance. However, the carbohydrate control is vital for individuals who do not engage in tiring physical activities. The primary role of carbohydrates is to provide the body with the recommended energy levels. In...

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