Decide whether annotation for L7YFT7 (L7YFT7_CALMI) is appropriate based on:
-Literature about your protein or homologs of your protein in other organisms
-Conservation of key functional domains and residues
1. Literature search. Find at least three scientific articles. Search for experimental information about the protein
2. Find related protein with more annotation. BLAST against reviewed (SwissProt) UniProt entries. Sequence analysis – find conserved features with homologous protein. Detect domains, motifs, and family. Which annotation in common and which are not. Investigate the function/properties associated with the motifs, domain and families
3. Multiple sequence analysis (Look for conservation of key regions/residues)
Use other bioinformatics tools appropriate for your protein:
• Family/domain databases
• Secondary structure prediction
• PTM databases/prediction tools
• Gene ontology etc.

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Information about L7YFT7_CALMI is very limited and entries in relevant databases are not comprehensive, complete nor reviewed. However, homologues of this protein exist and are better described in literature.
Production of nitric oxide (NO) is regulated by...

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