Questions for Nursing
1. What risks if any, does William Harmon have for skin breakdown or delayed would healing?
2. What additional information do you need to know to fully evaluate his risk?
3. What stage pressure ulcer does Mr. Harmon have?
4. What factors have contributed to its development?
5. What should be included in a wound assessment?
6. Identify three types of laboratory data that may be associated with a delay in would healing
7. Identify the major interventions for preventing pressure ulcers.
8. What should you consider when choosing a dressing?

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Mr. Harmon has reduced mobility and is bed bound, which is the risk factor for developing pressure ulcers that arise due to the compression of skin between the bony prominences and the bed. The compression compromises the blood supply to the corresponding parts of the skin leading to tissue anoxia and necrosis. His age (78) per se also influences delayed and impaired wound healing. Especially at risk are hip fracture patients, which are...

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