1. What Principle explains why a siren 0.1 miles away from you sounds louder than the same siren when you are 1 mile away?
2. List the components of the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear.
3. The human audibility curve is not flat. What two things does this reveal to us about our sensitivity to sound across the audible range of frequencies? Why will two complex periodic sounds have the same pitch and loudness but sound different? The retina is to vision as the _________is to audition
4. Explain the evolutionary importance for the ear drum and inner ear in preventing loss of sound energy and aiding hearing, and how do they perform this function.
5. Clearly, we loose hearing ability with loss of outer hair cells. However, we loose significantly more hearing ability per inner haircell lost compared to each outer haircell lost. WHY IS THIS SO?
6. What property of the basilar membrane changes along its length and (b) How does this difference relate to different frequencies of sound?
7. Compare and contrast the inner and outer haircells
8. Discuss 3 advantageous roles of the descending auditory pathways
9. Why does unilateral ear damage have little effect on hearing? Why is sound produced from a source to the left of a listener more audible to the left ear than the right. Explain the statement “David has an interaural time difference of 110 microseconds.
10. What are the conditions for ventriloquism to occur?

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4. Auditory receptors of the inner ear operate in a fluid environment. When sound in air strikes a fluid boundary (a boundary between media with different acoustic impendances) there is a theoretical loss of 99.9% of the energy in a sound wave in air (due to reflection). This 99.9% loss is equivalent to 30 dB; a reduction in stimulus intensity of this amount is quite noticeable to a listener. In order...

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