3 articles to be critiqued about stress in the workplace and mindfulness.

5-6 page paper, single spaced

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Introduction 3
Title 3
Problem statement 3
Literature review 4
Methodology 5
Analysis of the outcomes 6
Conclusion 7
Limitations of the study 7
Overall critique 7
References 8

Emotional exhaustion experienced by healthcare providers (HCPs) is a serious issue worldwide. Burnout of HCPs has been connected to the relational problems, depression, poor patient care, suicide and substance abuse (Lamothe et al., 2016).In specialties, for example, haematology-oncology, specialists experience emotionally charged situations daily associated with suffering and death (Rushton, 2004). So this can result in problematic relationships with the patients. More precisely, nurses are intensely stressed as they tried to do work in an alignment with their professional and personal values.   Actions opposite to these values can be treated as their sense of meaning and integrity. After socialization for a provision of the family- and patient-centered care, nurses have to face the moral distress and exhaustion if their values are not corresponding to their workplace. Conscience issues are prevalent in the healthcare department; when the issues are unrelieved or repeated, suffering gathers, resulting in contemplate leaving of nurses from their positions or from the profession as well. More stress levels in the nurse‚Äôs result in depression, substance abuse and anxiety; least job satisfaction; and more committed to skipping nursing practice. Burnout scores are much significant for the hospital nurses as compared to other professionals and according to 1 research; every 5th nurse is planning to leave a position in 1 year. Hence, with this background, this paper will critically review how three studies , , contributed towards stress management via mindfulness and development of resilience. This will be done by analyzing established of objectives, methodology chosen and the eventual outcomes.
The titles of the studies are not brief but full of information. Though, this is not clear completely...

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