This paper is expected to be no more than two to three pages in length (not including the title page and reference list (if applicable).
Below are the requirements needed for successful completion of this paper.
• Introduction to the Community: Identify the community you will be using for this paper and provide a brief description of the community. Your community should be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting.
• Windshield Survey: Assess your community by doing an informal windshield survey. Drive through the area and identify types of housing, schools, churches, healthcare providers, and environmental or safety hazards. You will need to discuss the following six observations in your paper.
1. Community vitality
2. Indicators of social and economic conditions
3. Health resources
4. Environmental conditions related to health
5. Social functioning
6. Attitude toward healthcare
Information about the components of a windshield survey is located in Nies & McEwen (2011) on page 97 (Box 6-2).

It is helpful to conduct this assessment at least two different times: during the day or evening, on a weekday and/or on the weekend. If possible, plan on asking someone to drive during your survey so that you can take notes.
• Conclusion: Provide a summary of your findings. The information gathered during the windshield survey should assist you to identify a community health problem that will be further assessed in the next assignment.
• Reference Page: A reference page is only needed if you use references within your paper. This is optional.
APA format.

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Community Health Nursing
In the system of public health care and nursing, it is very important that the community has a role in health nursing for the people who use it.
Community can be defined in many different ways, but for the purposes of this task, simply community we mean a group of people at a particular place, living with each other, which are depended to each other and share the common important conditions of life and work, and use common services and institutions.
Health of the community can speak largely about the health of individuals and help to a clearer understanding and better consideration for public health care and nursing. Through implementing knowledge of the community can improve procedures in health nursing and the result would have improved activity, prevention and the providing of medical services. All of that would have a big impact in improvement of the overall health of both individuals and entire populations.
As we got in the task, the combining the two methods the demographic picture of population and windshield Survey instructions designated by Nies & McEwen, we would examine Community health nursing of the community were we from.
Since I live in Olympia Fields (village) in Cook County in Illinois, for the task I would represented Community health nursing of the Olympia Fields. Demographic brief facts are taken from web: Quick Facts from the US Census Bureau....

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