Identify and discuss a problem that you have encountered in your current role. Also, please identify how the problem can be framed into a policy issue. Evaluate and discuss any barriers that you have encountered to being an effective advocate. List strategies or interventions on how to overcome these barriers.

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Problem Identification
One of the problems identified is a high prevalence of adverse health issues among infants and children of tobacco smoking women from low socioeconomic neighborhoods. The rate of pre-term births associated with smoking women and the high rate of health deformities such as weaker lungs and mental disorder are indications of a huge healthcare gap and a significant healthcare problem among minority and communities from low socioeconomic status. A study by McEvoy and Spindel (2017) highlighted some of the risks exposed to infants whose mothers smoked during pregnancy including low birth weight and sudden infant death (SID). Over the last few months, I have noted a rise in the number of underweight births – especially among marginalized or socioeconomically challenged families – with a high...

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