Write a 3 - 5 page (750 -1250 words) paper on the following topic. Support your information using peer-reviewed or scholarly journals. Follow APA format and attach as a Microsoft Word document.
In Chapter 12 of your text book, Wolper and Peña (2011) state, “The current movements towards healthcare reform in the United States, as well as in many European countries and the former Soviet Union, are current examples of the interrelationships among politics, economics, and societal values” (p. 487).
With the history of hospitals as a perspective, discuss the impact of politics, economics and societal values on healthcare reform today.

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The advent of healthcare system destined to serve the masses had been a great achievement towards human social and scientific trends of civilization. Glimpses into the historical accounts provide the information of healthcare systems even in the age of Romans and ancient Indian cultures that have transcended the trial of time and effluxed into the rest of the globe. Religion was the fundamental driving force of early medicine and was always identified with religious services, and ceremonies with the priests enjoyed the legacy of being a part of the ruling class and tested the souls, mind as well as the body. Undoubtedly, the political influence and jurisdictions were predominant in the temple/hospital.
The earliest known medical care was provided in Mesopotamia (4000years ago) where we find first recorded doctor’s prescription under Hammurabi (1728–1686 BC), which was with codes for regulation of doctors’ practices and fees. The Mesopotamian system has been considered to give rise to those in Egyptian, Hebrew, Persian and Indian cultures.
In the latter part the evidence of medical care system was observed in Greeks that flourished in a...

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