Evaluate your community and identify types of social work micro practice settings. Then, prepare a written analysis addressing the following:
Examine the specific issues faced by individuals and families in your community.
Investigate how social workers address social problems faced by individuals and family units.
Provide examples to support your findings and indicate which tasks are key skills social workers must possess to work with these unique populations.
Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including seminal articles, may be included.
Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages.

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Social work has different dimensions, among them; the generalist practice is based on the use of information of social work amalgamated with the professional values and different skills that can be adapted to work with different types of clients under different conditions and arrangements. There are ample preparations by the generalist practitioners apply critical thinking and allow flexibility of choice among the different skills required for practice.
Social workers also consider the roles they have to play through a process of programmed alteration to interact with individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. They are capable of handling a diversity of social problems and assist clients from an” ecological and systems perspective” which locate the focus of work within the person in the ‘’environment interaction”. Due to the complexity and the interdisciplinary nature f social work, social workers often find themselves working in enhanced and diverse contexts and settings and as such that they can be compared to different ‘levels ‘.that has been duly characterized by Gray and Bernstein (1996).
The micro-level is the most important and   Micro social work is among the most common type of social work practice where the social worker interacts with individuals and families with the intention to solve intrapersonal and interpersonal problems. It includes counseling centers, hospitals, and social service agencies. Here social workers help individuals to find appropriate housing and access mental, health, and social services, family therapy and individual counseling services, take medical care of substance abuse, mental problems, etc.
Although it is a general convention to assume social workers working on 1 to 1 basis with their clients, but it is also true that the different dimensions and layers of the society do hinder their progress with myriads of problems at different levels. Of the different social issues that the social workers need to work on, the aspect of child abuse is not only confined to just broken...

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