Create a PowerPoint Presentation with a minimum of 7 slides to post for members of your Trends (7-8 persons) to view. Your presentation must be on one of the topics that we will cover this semester. The topics as follows: New Healthcare Technology
2. Use at least one professional journal article relevant to your presentation topic. Other references do not have to be articles. You can use a website, book, article, etc. In your presentation, discuss your article and why you think that the topic you chose is/will be important to nursing.
3. Use the “Notes” portion of each slide to write a “script” of what you would say in a live presentation to expand and support the ideas presented on each slide.
4. The first slide will be the title slide with the topic, title of the article, and your name. The last slide of your presentation should be a “reference page,” with your article listed in APA format.
5. The purpose of the presentation is to present a current issue or article related to the topic you have selected. It is not meant to be general, comprehensive presentation about the overall topic. It should be about a recent issue related to your topic. For example, if your topic is professionalism, you would not do a comprehensive presentation describing professionalism in nursing. You need to present a current article that relates to an aspect of professionalism, such as this article “What is the Role of Nurses in Preventing Workplace Violence?” If you chose ethics, you would not do a presentation about different ethical theories, you would select a current topic in the literature, such as this article “Is the Use of Restraints Treating Children with Oncology Ethical?”
6. Your article must be dated within the last 6-9 months. The article must be a full article by the original authors, with a reference section at the end of the article: no summaries, re-caps, editorials, letters to the editor, departmental notes, etc., Also no short notes from professional organizations of this or any other country or state; and no articles from or concerning health care issues in other countries. Any other references you use do not have to be within 6-9 months, however, they should be from within the past 5 years if possible. They can be from a website, book, article, etc.
7. Include at least two direct quotations from the article in your presentation representing what you deemed important. Include correct citations with each quotation.

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