The Conclusion & Recommendations Chapter

It should include the following sections (use the bolded items as headings for this chapter):

1. An introduction to what will be covered in the chapter, including a restatement of the original purpose, objectives, and hypotheses of the project or thesis study (found in Chapter I - Introduction)
2. A conclusion - a detailed description of what the results mean in relationship to the purpose, objectives and hypotheses of the project or thesis study. Each of these items from Chapter I can be used as subheadings for this section if you wish
3. Recommendations - list what recommendations come from your results related to the topic of the project or thesis study
4. Recommendations for future research - list the recommendations for what future researchers can do to replicate the study or do the project and accomplish even more than you did. How can future projects or studies in your topic area be better?
5. Summary - a one to two-page section that summarizes the entire process of doing the project or thesis study. It summarizes all that is in the preceding pages.

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Discussion, Conclusion, and Recommendations
Alcohol and substance abuse among the elderly is emerging as a serious healthcare issue with numerous adverse consequences including chronic illnesses, substance-induced mental disorders, death, and high costs of care (Cleary et al., 2017; Chhatre et al., 2017; Lal & Pattanayak, 2017). The identification of risk factors is critical to inform preventive measures including community education and health promotion initiatives, as well as, reducing the prevalence and comorbid factors that accelerate health deterioration. Multiple risk factors have been identified including socioeconomic, psychological, environmental, and sociological issues. However, the current study focused on the psychosocial and socioeconomic factors with the aim of deepening understanding and generating a richer understanding of the implications of these factors on increased or reduced use of alcohol and substances among the elderly. The study was conducted with the aims of realizing the following objectives;
1. Investigating the relationship between socioeconomic factors and risks of alcohol and drug use among the elderly
2. Investigating and reviewing the relationship between psychological factors and risks for alcohol and drug use among the elderly.
The current study was...

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