Write a 5 - 6 page (1250 -1500 words) paper on the following topic. Support your information using peer-reviewed or scholarly journals. Follow APA format for paper and references and attach as a Microsoft Word document.

The amount of money spent on health care in the world varies dramatically from one country to the next. The United States has the highest level of health care expenditures. That being said, is more spending on health care associated with better health? Are we healthier as a nation because of the amount we spend on health care?

Compare and contrast the United States health status and health care expenditures with those of another country. Conclude with your thoughts on the economics of health care reform and whether or not it will truly reduce health care costs and make us a healthier nation.

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The spending on healthcare much more than any other in the United States. In 2011, total spending exceeded $2.7 trillion, 17.9% of GDP. Per capita expenditures have gained more than four-fold increase in spending from 1970 to 2011. This health care spending continues to grow each year.
Compared to the Most successful Health care systems, U.S health care seems to be struggling to achieve the most efficient outcome. Japan being one of those best health care systems guarantees universal coverage for all citizens.
In this review, we discuss the major reasons why the U.S health care system has poorer efficiency as compared to the most developed nations like Japan.
Japan is having 8th largest population in a word when estimated in the year 2016 with a land area of 380,000 km2 with 127,940,000 inhabitants. The density of population in Japan is 340/km2 while population living n urban area is 78.6%.
The capital of Japan is Tokyo with a population density of 5,630/km2 and total population of 11,837,000 citizens...

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