Question #1. Identify a community or aggregate you are currently involved with at home (personal life) or at work. Cite some major value, major strengths, and health needs of your community or aggregate. How could a nurse work collaboratively with a community to build on these strengths and facilitate community empowerment? Keep in mind the different methods of community outreach the nurse could utilize.

Please note: According to Nies and McEwan (2011), the definition of an aggregate is a “community composed of people who share common characteristics” (p.92). Remember, aggregates do not necessarily know or interact with one another, but share a common bond such as religious belief, age, life experience, illness, etc.

Question #2. Assurance is one of the three core functions of public health. Knowing what resources are available is part of this function. Find a resource in your community that could be used as a referral source and share information about the services provided. Who is eligible for the services? What could be done in order to improve the accessibility, acceptability, affordability, or availability of this resource in your community? Make sure to address all four of the A's.

Addendum: Acceptability:

Does the client have confidence that the referral source will be able to help?
What were the past experiences, either positive or negative?
Does the referral “fit” with the client’s values?
Does it conflict with higher priorities? Consider Maslow’s Hierarchy of
Fear—of the unfamiliar or of having to admit that help is needed
“Cost” to client other than money— time, loss of work, etc.
Consider things in the client’s situation that may limit access to the referral agency or hinder the client’s ability to follow through on the referral.

Transportation, language barriers, hours of operation, and conflicts with client’s work or school schedule

Is there a referral source that meets the client’s need?

This goes back to community assessment and being aware of the resources that are available in the community. Part of the role of a CHN is to identify gaps between client needs and existing resources (assessment) and to work to fill in any identified gaps (assurance).


What fees does the referral agency charge?
Is there a sliding fee scale?
Will the agency accept third-party payment?

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1. Aggregate: Emergency Department
    a. Why?
                   i. Common goal to provide care to patients.
                   ii. To provide the community an outlet to solve personal and medical issues.
    b. Ways to provide support for community empowerment
                   i. Mapping
                        1. Enables professionals map cities and neighborhoods to target
                        interventions and identify geographic trends overtime.
                        2. Example: Areas where illegal drugs are sold as well as identify
                        populations for high risk diseases...
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