This paper is expected to be no more than four pages in length (not including the title page and reference list). Typical papers are usually three pages. Below are the requirements for successful completion of this paper.
• Introduction: This should catch the reader’s attention with interesting facts and supporting sources and include the purpose statement of the paper. This should be no more than one or two paragraphs.
• Community: Identify the community you will be using for this paper and provide a brief description of the community. Your community should be the area you live in or work. This should be one or two paragraphs.
• Demographic and epidemiological data: Compile a range of demographic and epidemiological data for your community by examining census reports, vital statistic reports, city records, and other agency sources. Using this data, describe your community and the problem. Compare your community data to state or national data. This comparison will help to identify a community health problem specific to your community. A summary of this data should be no more than one page.
• Windshield survey: Provide a brief summary of the findings from your first assignment. Make sure the elements included link to your identified problem. This should be no more than one or two paragraphs.
• Problem: Using the assessment data, identify the problem that you consider to be a priority concern. Provide a rationale for your choice and relate your choice to one of the Healthy People 2020 objectives. Healthy People objectives are located within a topic area. Your rationale should also include why this is specifically a problem in your community. This should be no more than two to three paragraphs.
• Historical significance: Address the historical significance of the problem. Consider the trends in the problem over time and any significant events that may have had an impact on the problem. This information should be no more than two to three paragraphs.
• Summary: The summary paragraph of your paper should include a statement about the problem, the population at risk for this problem, and the major direct or indirect factors that contribute to this problem. This information should be no more than one or two paragraphs.
• Professional articles: Include at least two scholarly sources related to your problem.
• References: Should include all cited references within the paper. ApA format.

(Community; Matteson, Il) Problem identified in the community during the windshield survey, adult and childhood obesity.

Community Windshield Survey

Community assessment is important, it can provide a snapshot of information about the physical characteristics of the community and how to plan, implement or evaluate programs and service to improve health in the community and address specific risk factors.
The Village of Matteson is in cook County Illinois. Matteson was platted in 1855 and named in honor of the tenth governor of Illinois, Joel Aldrich Matteson. It was known as “Old Matteson” and began agricultural trade center at the junction of two railroads, the Joliet and Northern Indiana (known later as Michigan Central) and Illinois Central.
Matteson is located off of Interstate 57 with easy access to Interstate 94, 355 and 80. Lincoln Highway runs east and west, run as Far East as Fort Wayne Indiana and west to Joliet Illinois.
Matteson is a developed village always looking for areas to improve, with land area of 9.32 in 2010 and 2,038.7 persons per square mile. Total population 2012 19,147. The composition of population in relationship by years old in 2010 was persons under 5 years 5.9%, persons under 18 years old 27.1% and persons 65 yeas and over 11.9%. The composition of the population by sex females 54.2% and males 47.3%. The demographic picture of ethnicity and race Blacks or African American 2010 78.7%, whites 16.3%, Asians 1.0%, American Indian and Alaskan Native 0.2% and Hispanic or Latino 4.3%.
Mothers can be observed in the area walking with strollers and school age children to the park. They appear to be well groomed clean a few overweight children as well as parents. No one was observed under the influence of drugs, alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Kids where observed riding bikes, playing basketball or riding on skateboards. There is twenty-mile walking/ biking trail that has easy access; families usually go for long rides on this particular trail.
The homes in the area are a mix of attached and detached garages, single family dwelling, there are some multifamily structures as well. The houses have a good curb appeal property is well maintained. The Village of Matteson has an ordinance for maintenance of property; the homeowner can be fined for violations.
There are grocery stores in the area that can be accessed by car, walking or ride in a bike. Public transportation is available along with transportation for the disabled and elderly, Matteson residents can also take the train into downtown Chicago.
Matteson has a mall that was recently purchased by Westfield and a auto mall. Target, Sam’s, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks are just a few of many businesses that are thriving in the area. Police are always visible, fire safety and EMS is available as well. Matteson also has three hotels conveniently located minutes off of interstate 57.
There are not many homeless people living on the street. In neighboring suburbs shelters are available. One homeless guy (know as Mr. Lincoln Highway) has been walking Lincoln highway for years. People in the community give him clothes, money and buy him food.
Occasionally you see young men and teens congregating, however most of the residents call the police and they are disbursed immediately.
Matteson has three elementary schools and one middle school. The high school is in a neighboring suburb. The biggest complaint of the school board is not enough parent participation. There are day care centers available as well as church and home based day care.
Locally there is dentist, podiatrist, out patient physical therapy, and out patient clinics affiliated with major hospitals in the Chicago area. A hospital and 24 hour urgent care is located about 5 min away. There are no level I or II trauma centers in the south suburbs. Residents can refill prescriptions at Walgreens, Target, CVS, or Sam’s.
Matteson is a community that recycles; each resident has a special container for recycling. Streets are well lighted, signs are visible, traffic signals and sidle walk are adequate. There is a state of the art community center that opened two years ago, that’s family oriented. The center offers a variety of classes for teens, adults, elderly and disabled.
Most of the children in the area play in front of their house on in the back yard without parental supervision.
Each subdivision has a homeowners associations and neighborhood watch. Associations meet once a month an invite speakers to educate the community on finance, health and safety.
There are multiple churches in the area Baptist, Catholic, non-denomination and Church of God in Christ. The churches are active in the community sponsoring wellness fairs, mentorship, and homework assistance and after school activities.
The community center and the churches in the area sponsor wellness fairs, health screening and blood drives. They also sponsor speakers on different health topics.
Nurses play an important role in the community. Understanding the risk in a particular population and knowing resources available can help the nurse utilize local resources and partner with other professionals to educate the population on health risk, prevention of diseases and services available in the community. Educating the community can improve the overall health of the community.

Nies, M.A., & McEwen, M. (2011). Community/Public health nursing: Promoting the health of populations (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2010).

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Community assessment is a powerful tool to utilize in assessing the physical characteristics of a community as well as determining its needs and wants. Assessing a community can allow for politicians and community health officials to implement essential services and programs to address health risks as well as improve the overall health of the community in general. Two such examples of addressing community health needs are childhood and adult obesity. Obesity, according to Merram-Webster, is defined as a condition characterized by the excessive accumulation and storage of adipose tissue. This condition arises when caloric intake exceeds outtake and this can result heapatocytes (liver cells) producing too much LDL and VLDL particles. Adipocytes (fat cells) store free fatty acids, produced from an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, and excessive accumulation of such compounds can lead to disorders such diabetes meillitus and certain types of cancer....
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