What makes a topic controversial at end of life and with death and dying?

Write a 3-4 page scholarly reaction paper around a current controversial end of life topic such as futile care, terminal sedation, assisted suicide, euthanasia, green funerals, hospice services, DNR status, etc.

The solution is a reaction and reflection paper on Physician-assisted suicide.

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Physician Assisted Suicide Reaction and Reflection
The ethical debate over physician-assisted suicide has been ongoing for countless years. It is an emotional debate and one many individuals believe is basically killing those individuals before nature has had a chance to take course (Pretzer, 2000). This procedure involves a physician prescribing medication that will bring about death to an individual, supposedly at the request of the individual (Pretzer, 2000). However, the controversy of ethics in this matter is so volatile and both sides are so passionate about their beliefs concerning the matter that the procedure has now only been legalized in a scant number of states across the United States. My personal beliefs on this topic will remain unspoken because this issue is so complex and there are many facets involved in the debate. This paper will share the positive and negative sides of the issue and provide a more in depth look behind the matter....

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