Healthy People 2020 - Types of Cancers Produced by Smoking, Broken Down by Gender (890 words)

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Healthy People 2020 is a framework to assist communities in preventing disease and promoting health. Search the scientific literature and find a research study related to one of the focus areas identified by Healthy People 2020.

In a 750-1000-word essay, critically appraise the study by answering each of the following questions: (I would like a tobacco study if possible)

What is the study question and is it relevant?
Does the study add anything new?
What type of research question is being asked?
Was the study design appropriate for the research question?
Did the study methods address the most important potential sources of bias?
Was the study performed according to the original protocol?
Does the study test a stated hypothesis? If so, what is it?
Does the data justify the conclusions?
Are there any conflicts of interest?
There are methodological points to consider in appraising literature that are specific to cross-sectional, cohort, case-control, clinical trials, and case studies. Based on the design of this study, what are the key methodical points to consider?
You are required to use a minimum of three scholarly resources.

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The correlation between long-term smoking habits and increased incidence of lung cancer in both genders is unmistakable. However, the types of cancers that develop in male and female lungs are strangely different, and the study question focuses specifically on squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma as the two primary types of lung cancer. According to Pesch et al (2012), over 13,000 individuals with lung cancer were tested for the specific type of carcinoma. The researchers determined that squamous cell carcinoma (SqCC) was largely found in males, while adenocarcinoma (AdCa) was more commonly found in women and the control group, which was selected as a non-smoking or limited smoking cohort...

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