Watch a video: CVS Pharmacy: Minority Health Risks and answer the following questions.
1. How does this video clip relate to what we have learned this past semester? Be sure to identify at least 5 key tools/concepts from class that you can relate to this video clip. Be specific and provide examples in your response from the readings or weekly assignments.
2. What is missing from the discussion among providers taking place in this video? Be specific and provide examples in your response. Be sure to link to the course material.
3. To what extent do the health care professionals and providers in this video recognize (or not recognize) the social issues in health care and understand social determinants of health? Be specific and provide examples in your response.
4. Based on the knowledge that you have gained this semester, how would you improve this video clip? What would you do differently? What would you add/delete/change? Be specific in your response.

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1. The video gives a general overview of the potential causes that contribute to the higher incidence of the diseases among the ethnic minority groups. Some of these causes can be attributed to the social determinants of health. Some of the concepts that the video discusses include
Prevention: The video mentions that people need to make lifestyle changes in their eating and exercising habits;
Genetic characteristics: The video indicates that minorities have a genetic predisposition to acquire certain diseases;
Material resources: The video mentions that some diabetes medications can be costly, so they offer some subsidies for patients;
Education: The video says: “It’s about knowledge.” People...

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