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Vilayanur Ramachandran: 3 clues to understanding your brain
Paul Zak: Trust, Morality – and oxytocin?
For the two TED talks, summarize in 600 words or less the purpose & overview of content, identification of the key points found to be most interesting and discussion as to why it is interesting (either to the study of physiology or to society or both). Write as if describing the material to a professional colleague—a simple, easy to understand translation of work. You should have a conclusion in your own words (we will check wording of the entire document to ensure that you have not copied phrasing from the paper—the paper must be your synopsis of the paper in your own words). You should write the summary using your word processor (and save in case of computer crash).

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Vilayanur Ramachandran described three unusual neurological disorders and suggested that by function of the brain in disease we can begin to learn how the normal brain works.   
The first example he talked about was Capgras syndrome. A person with Capgras will recognize someone’s face but hold the belief that the person is an imposter and is trying to trick them. If they speak to the person on the phone without seeing them they will recognize the voice and accept that they are speaking to the right person but not if they see the person. Dr. Ramachandran stated that the typical explanation for what is happening is a psychological response and not a physiological/neurological disorder.   He suggests that a more reasonable way to interpret this disorder is that the brain damage disrupted the relationship between what is seen, how it is interpreted and how you feel about that person...

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