Answer the following questions:

1) Why we don't like to have IgG excretion from Type 2 diabetes patients?
2) Why we have to see Cubilin, Megalin, FcRn protein expressions to verify IgG excretion?

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Q1.Why we don't like to have IgG excretion from Type 2 diabetes patients?
Ans: Diabetes is classified as type 1 and type2 diabetes based on their etiology. The type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependent diabetes (IDDM) and it is an autoimmune disease where the immune system erroneously recognizes and further destroy the pancreatic cells (insulin producing cells), led to less or no insulin generation. The autoimmune disorder associated with presence of diverse autoantibodies and latter increment in high level of serum immunoglobulin specially IgG....
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