Review the use of polymers in the design of controlled release drug delivery systems.

(E.g. types, classifications, physicochemical properties, toxicity, and why are they used in CR DDSs? Examples?)

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Introduction: Controlled Release Drug Delivery Systems (CR DDSs) have beneficial amid oral applications of drug, for successfully controlling the release as well as absorption through GIT (Gastrointestinal tract) [1,2]. CR DDSs are more promising to maintain the drug level at the desired range, provide a fast release for poorly soluble drugs, low dose requirement, reduce the cost of treatment, increase patient compliances, reduces side effects, and improve tolerability, etc. Therefore, it is considered to be a valuable tool and advanced drug delivery system over the regular oral medications [3]. The fundamental basis for the controlled release of the drug is to improve the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drug moieties by utilizing the novel drug delivery system or changing or modifying the molecular framework at the sub-atomic structure which alters the physiochemical properties (Figure 1) [4]....

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