Presentation on Sports Ethics: Concussions in Youth Sports (29 slides)

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Compose a presentation on Ethics and Values in Sport; choose from the following topics:

Youth Sports
- Specialization
- Concussions
- Pay for play

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Much of the attention on the issue of concussions in sport and football in particular crystalized in the wake of All-Pro linebacker Junior Seau’s suicide in 2012 – much of the public and popular discourse centered on the contribution to his catastrophic mental health made by, according to one estimate, a history of over 1,500 concussions over a career spanning 20 years (CBS Las Vegas/AP, 2012)

Doubt has been cast over the causative influence of the concussions on Seau’s eventual suicide (Engber, 2012), as has some doubt been cast over the role of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – but more on this later
But that’s the NFL – what about youth football? What about high school football?...
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