Media Ethics: Horner On Consequentialist Issues in the Media (240 Words)

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Understanding Media Ethics

Discussion questions on Horner on consequentialist issues in the media. What struck you as interesting or important? What struck you as confusing or mistaken? Should there be limits to the portrayal of sex and/or violence by the media? Why or why not?

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Mill wrote that what we say and how we are free are connected concepts (Qtd. In Horner 66). The issue is interesting. Yet Mill thought that people should not be able to just write whatever they want — especially if it is harmful (Horner 67). For example, Mill would say (if Mill were alive today) that someone can publish a video to YouTube about how it is morally acceptable to execute someone for a capital crime. Let us say someone (or many people do not agree with this point of view). Mill’s point is that when society allows competing viewpoints to be expressed society is more free. For example, let us say the government banned YouTube videos that spoke about executing someone for a capital crime....
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