Write a summary of chapter 3 in "Ethics In Research"
The summary must be properly cited with the following book information:
Chapter 3 of “Research Methods” (Eight Edition).
Authors: Donald H. McBurney & Theresa L. White.
Publisher: Cengage Learning.
Publication date: April 2009.

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Authors McBurney and White (2009) utilize chapter three to discuss ethics in research concerning human participants and ethics in research concerning animals. The APA code of ethics is a set of rules that governs the code of conduct or activities of all psychologists. All research must follow these rules, especially research that involves humans and animals. The government has also passed laws concerning ethics in research. Funding from the government for research requires approval of a review committee (McBurney & White, 2009).

Human Participants
The boundaries of competence guideline are established to guide the area of research and protect participants from harm. A psychologist must research only in the area of their education and training. If they plan to conduct research in another area they must acquire the proper education and training. The guideline on competence also encompasses taking steps to learn any new knowledge that is discovered (McBurney & White, 2009).   
Researchers are confronted with one main conflict in deciding to conduct research. The conflict lies between a commitment towards furthering research and the potential risk of harm on participants. If a researcher feels more commitment to the research they may run the risk of breaking the code of ethics in order to conduct research. If a researcher feels too that the potential harm is too great then they run the risk of not discovering important information. The researchers who are in charge should discuss research with other psychologists in order...

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