Creating an ethical dilemma based on the article

The principal discussed in the article and who was being investigated committed suicide the day the accusation was made. It was not the first investigation for ethical breaches, according to the article, but it may have been the one that seemed the most damaging professionally. The issues mentioned in this article -- not just the recent accusation that resulted in her suicide -- directly connect to the idea of ethical dilemmas in the workplace.

If you find this particular issue too difficult for personal reasons, avoid the first article - "Harlem Principal."

Pick one of the articles and then title your response with the first few words of the title.
Don't summarize the article. Instead, focus on identifying a particular dilemma and analyzing it according to Kant's ethics.

Some possible options:
"Harlem Principal..." article:
"Judge Reduces..." article about the Atlanta School Cheating Scandal

Also, check Atlantic Journal Constitution. It offers a number of articles as part of an ongoing series investigating school testing irregularities.

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This particular article is a link to the Atlanta school’s cheating scandal. From a Kantian standpoint, cheating is clearly immoral and unethical. Think about it; cheating presumes that you as a person are capable of subversively gaining an advantage over another person. While many people may believe such a thing is true, Kant cannot commit to such activities as universal moral maxim. Proceeding in that way would create an extensive chain reaction whereby the cheating behaviors would be artificially justified by multitudes of wrongdoers who all use shortcuts to bypass honesty and hard work....
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