Presentation on the Social Responsibility of Scientists, with Script (26 slides)

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Produce a presentation on Social Responsibility - Scientists as Advocates, according to the following guidelines:

Each presentation should be 20 to 30 minutes and must include a thorough introduction to the issue, addressing the importance and relevance of the topic, and one or more case-studies highlighting this issue.The presenter will then lead a group discussion based on the example(s) presented. Some issues will not have one right or wrong side and all presentations should be well-balanced. All students are expected to contribute to the discussion and listen to other’s viewpoints.

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(Script for Slide 1): A good place to start, to introduce us to the issues involved in science advocacy, is with a recent case, as told by the scientist involved. In an article for Slate, psychologist Jason D. Seacat described his experience advocating for his findings on weight stigmatization. The study assessed “weight stigma and discrimination experienced by overweight and obese women” (n.p.) – the results were startling and troubling. ...

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