In 1000-1500 words, write an essay on an ethical-legal issue or incident in real estate.

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This essay discusses two recent real estate ethics scandals in two major cities, New York and Vancouver. The thesis of this essay is that, from the perspective of each city’s primary stakeholders, i.e. their governments acting as proxies for their citizens, these ethics scandals can be understood from a perspective informed by the value theme of justice. In addition, the paper examines the roles of two real estate companies, one in each city, and how one has acted in unethical, unjust ways while the other has chosen the ethical, just—even if less lucrative—way of doing business.
Corruption in New York real estate and politics
Glenwood Management is considered a major real estate developer in Manhattan (Bagli, 2015, n.p.). Through the company’s general counsel, Charles C. Dorego, the company was implicated in a corruption scandal which rocked the upper echelons of New York politics...

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