Brief Discussion on Gender Stereotyping and Equality (200 words)

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Stereotyping in Media:

Having watched the clips on gender and racial stereotyping in media and film, go and find three more examples of gender stereotyping from film or media.
Explain the gender or racial stereotype that is being displayed in the example and how it aligns with improper everyday examples of gender or race.

How do you think that our society can move forward to greater levels of equality and less stereotypical thinking? Do not use the examples that were presented in the required resources for the week.
In addition, do not use the same examples that people have used before you. Present links to the three examples if you have access to videos or images.
(Minimum 150 words)

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Especially egregious examples of gender stereotyping occur whenever the common film/TV trope of the depiction of prostitution occurs. To be clear...

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