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Based on what you have learned from the courseware, post two challenging questions. Each question should indicate the source, be a bit complex and challenging and should indicate that you have done the reading assignment. For example: Based on the BBC article, Ramadan 2010, what is the ethical significance of this Islamic fast and what how might the health harms and benefits factor into your response?

Reflect on the material that you have read and the discussions that you have had in this unit. Discuss the ways that you were challenged and/or enriched. as you reflect be sure to reference at least 5 concepts or terms that you have learned in this unit. The terms or concepts should be emboldened or in all CAPS every time they are mentioned n the paper. This post should be at least 3 pages.

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The inclusion of capital punishment in our justice system is a difficult subject as we not only consider the wishes of the victim’s families, but we also need to take into account other factors such as the possible effect of deterrence, economic considerations, political implications, and the effect of society as a whole.
In a country where there is a high possibility for people to be wrongfully accused and convicted simply because they could not afford competent counsel, surely, capital punishment is unjust. State policy also looks into whether capital punishment can effectively deter crimes; there had been studies that show that the imposition of the death penalty lowers murder rates, although such studies have equally been contested. The State may also consider whether...

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