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1. Based on what you have learned from the courseware, post two challenging questions. Each question should indicate the source, be a bit complex and challenging and should indicate that you have done the reading assignment. For example: Based on the BBC article, Ramadan 2010, what is the ethical significance of this Islamic fast and what how might the health harms and benefits factor into your response?

2.Reflect on the material that you have read and the discussions that you have had in this unit about Becoming Ethical and Ethical Issues. Discuss the ways that you were challenged and/or enriched. As you reflect be sure to reference at least 5 concepts or terms that you have learned in this unit. The terms or concepts should be emboldened or in all CAPS every time they are mentioned n the paper. This post should be at least 3 pages.

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Sometimes the usual array of puppies, babies, and vacation photos in one’s Facebook newsfeed is disrupted by broadcasts of tragic events of suicide bombings in crowded tourist destinations, shootings in gay bars, police brutality brought about by alleged racial discrimination, and hostility towards immigrants and refugees. With these newscast comes an outpouring of a wide range of sentiments that oftentimes spur a lot of disagreement among the netizens.
The differences in people’s opinions are reflections of their moral and ethical outlooks, outlooks which drive and shape people’s actions. The conversation between Stan and Oliver is interesting because it not only exhibits the typical attitudes of students towards an ethics class, but it suggests a potential for ethics classes to promote critical thinking, constructive discourse, and peace building.
I believe conflict does not simply exist because people do not agree on certain things; it persists and escalates when people cannot agree to disagree. Respecting one another’s opinion requires a MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING...

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