Determinism, Ethical and Legal Responsibility, and Minority Report (620 words)

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2-page analysis papers on any reading, film and/or case study that we have during the semester [two or more readings may be combined if a comparison/contrast analysis is undertaken.]. A general format for the two page paper might be:
1) first half page an analysis of the ethical questions that the author/director is raising,
2) a page explaining what direction the author is taking in answering the questions raised above, and
3) your answers to the ethical questions and more importantly why you believe this. Intertextuality and positing the relationship to something in your discipline of study is important in your overall answer.

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In the world of Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, murder has, seemingly, been rendered a thing of the past by the PreCrime police unit. There are still convictions for the crime of murder but without anyone being murdered, because the PreCrime unit prevents murders putatively predetermined to occur. Three people, the ‘precogs’, are able to see impending murders in dramatic, violent flashes and fragments...

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