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Essay Assignment

At the conclusion of each course section I will distribute a paper topic. You are required to write papers on Synergistic Environmental Virtues:Consumerism and Human Flourishing by Peter Wanz. Papers are expected to be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Be clear and concise. Explain your terms and defend your claims. Your paper will be assessed on how clearly and completely you present the views we studied, how well you justify your assessments of those views, and how well you justify your own views.

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Argument: Wenz’s PAC, on the horns of a (demanding) dilemma
In virtuously rejecting consumerism, the virtuous person should deviate from consumerist social norms toward virtuous ideals, but is obligated to do so only to the extent that doing so does not impede her human flourishing; she should aspire to—or anticipate—the virtuous ideals...

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