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You are required to write an essay on the topic The Big Lie: The Human Restoration of Nature,” Eric Katz. Your essay is to be typed, single-spaced, with 12 point font and one inch margins. It is to be no longer than one page. Be clear and concise. Explain your terms and justify your claims. Your paper will be assessed on how clearly and completely you present the views we studied, how well you justify your assessments of those views, and how well you justify your own views.

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I understand and share in Katz’s “almost entirely visceral” (p. 391) reaction of outrage to the shaping of environmental policy—indeed, the very need to do so—toward restoration. There is something essentially wrong, wrongheaded, and very human about doing unspeakable damage to nature and then, post hoc, consoling ourselves with ‘fixing’ that damage. However, I take my outrage to be premised on a variety of psychological, perhaps justifiably misanthropic, dispositions; Katz, on the other hand, appears to think this visceral outrage is justified by what I see as peculiar views on the fundamental notion of value...

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