Accounts of Virtue Ethics, Feminist Ethics, Justice/Care Perspectives, Kohlberg, Piaget (1220 words)

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Subject Philosophy Ethics


1. Provide detailed accounts on:
Aristotle Virtue Ethics
Feminist Ethics

2. Compare contrast Justice perspective and Care perspective

3. Compare contrast kohlberg and piaget

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First, it is important to distinguish virtue ethics from its modern alternatives in normative ethics, i.e. consequentialism and deontological ethics. Consequentialist ethics hold that what makes an action or rule moral are the consequences brought about as a result, in terms of, for example, utility or happiness. Deontology, on the other hand, holds that the only factor which distinguishes the ethical from the unethical is whether or not an action is carried out in accordance with duty and rules therein. Virtue ethics, however, locates the core ‘engine’ of ethics in the moral nature of one’s character, as often delineated in terms of the virtues or vices. Unlike consequentialism and deontology, which claim to propose universal principles applicable to many if not all situations involving ethics/morality, virtue ethics tends...

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