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QUESTION 1 Why is the Contemporary period in Latin American philosophy the richest of the five? O A. Because of its rejection of Positivism. n B. Because of the reemergence of Scholasticism. O C. Because of its independence from Spain. O D. Because of its professionalization du ring this time. QUESTION 2 The Contemporary period is defined by its preoccupation with Enlightenment thinking and the works of medieval lslamic scholars. O True O False QUESTION 3 The first generation of Contemporary Latin American philosophers are commonly referred to as? 0 A. The "transterrados" 0 B. The "positivists" 0 C. The "founders ." 0 D. The "forgers" QUESTION 4 The "founders" were especially influenced by the philosophy of which two French and German philosophers O José Vasconcelos and José Carlos Mariátegui O José Enrique Rodó and Carlos Vaz Ferreira O Max Scheler and Henri Bergson O José Gaos and Juan David García Bacca QUESTION 5 Which two "founders " specifically argued that the disparaging view of Native Americans was unwarranted and that Latin America 's indigenous roots should be seen as a strength not a weakness, 0 José Vasconcelos and José Carlos Mariátegui O José Enrique Rodó and Carlos Vaz. Ferreira O Max Scheler and Henri Bergson 0 José Gaos and Juan David García Bacca QUESTION 6 The founders , like most other Latin American philosophers that carne befare them, were NOT public intellectuals. 0 True 0 False QUESTION 7 This generation of Contemporary Latin American philosophers is usually thought to span from 1940-1960 and is often credit ed with laying the groundwork far the professionalization of philosoph y in Latin America . n A. The "founders. " í') B. The "forge rs" 0 C. The "positiv ists " n D. The "transte rrados " QUESTION 8 This group of philosophers were malignad by both the "founders " and "forgers " of contempora ry Latin Ame rican phi losop hy. 0 A The "founders ." 0 B. The "transterrados " n C. The "forge rs" n º· The "positiv ists " QUESTION 9 The professionalization of Latin American philosophy was aided by a group of Spanish philosophers called? n A. The "forgers " 0 B. The "transterrados" 0 C. The "founders." O D. The "positivi sts " QUESTION 10 Which of the following two were influential transterrados ? 0 José Vasconcelos and José Carlos Mariátegui 0 José Enrique Rodó and Carlos Vaz Ferreira 0 Max Scheler and Henri Bergson 0 José Gaos and Juan David García Bacca QUESTION 1 According to Mariátegui, any treatment of the problem of the lndian is a sterile theoretical exercise destinad to be completely discredited if it fails to recognize itas what? n A. a race problem n B. an ethnic problem n C. a socioeconomic problem n D. a nation-building problem QUESTION 2 According to Mariátegui, Gamonalismo (Peruvian feudalism) does all of the following except? n A. Turns the hacienda owner (the Latifundista) into a feudal lord. n B. Necessarily invalidates any law or regulation far the protection of the lndian. n C. Offer a fresh approach to the problem of the lndian. n D. Abandons and sacrificas any official who insists upan applying the law. QUESTION 3 Whom does Mariátegui credit with ushering in the present socioeconomic approach to the lndian question? n A Gonzalez Prada n B. Dora Mayer de Zulen n C. Valcarcel n D. Dr. José A. Encinas QUESTION 4 According to Mariátegui, the oldest and most obvious mistake is what? n A. Reducing the protection of the lndian to an ordinary administ rative matter . n B. Outlining and indigenous homestead act. n C. Rejecting the practi ca! value than adm inistrative reform . n D. Approaching the lndian problem from a socioeconomic perspective. QUESTION 5 The experience of all countries that have evolved passed feudalism have shown what? n A. The protection of the lndian is simply an administrativa matter. n B. Legal reform has had more practica! value than administrativa reform. n C. The Gamonal has much to fear from administrativa theory. n D. Liberal rights cannot operate without the dissolution of feudalism. QUESTION 6 Mariátegui rejects the view that the lndian will be emancipated through a steady crossing of the aboriginal race with white immigrants. Who does he cite as an example that supports of his view. n A. The people of the United States n B. The people of Europe n C.The people of Asia 0 D. The people of Africa QUESTION 7 Who said: "the conditions of the lndian can improve in two ways: either the heart of the oppressor will be moved to take pity and recognize the rights of the oppressed, or the spirit of the oppressed will find the valor needed to turn on the oppressors. " 0 A. Gonzalez Prada 0 B. Dora Mayer de Zulen 0 C.Valcarcel 0 D. Dr. José A. Encinas QUESTION 8 According to Mariátegui which solution to the lndian problem is today unquestionably the most outdated and antihistoric of all? 0 A. The humanitarian solution 0 B. The liberal solution 0 C. The religious solution n D. The ethnic solution QUESTION 9 According to Mariátegui, Gamonalismo opposes the education of the lndian in the same way it what? O A. Opposes religious tenets. 0 B. Encourages the lndian to depend on alcohol. O C. Supports liberal tenets O D. Opposes the "league of human right." QUESTION 10 According to Mariátegui , what can educators least afford to igno re? O A. Modern pedagogical methods. 0 B. Religious teachings and tolerance. O C. Economic and social reality. 0 D. The culture and ways of the lndian. QUESTION 1 According to Vasconcelos , the Americas is actually part of what? n A. The same continent as Africa. 0 B. The same continent as Asia. 0 C. The same culture as the pacific islands . 0 D. The lost city of Atlantis. QUESTION 2 According to Vasconcelos, only what can give us a vision that will lift us above the micro-ideology of the specialist? n A. Pondering the remains of ancient civilizations. O B. Descriptions of utensils and cranial indices. O C. Order and progress. O D. A leap of the spirit. QUESTION 3 According to Vasconcelos, the white race has set the moral and material basis for what? O A. Their domination over the other races. O B. The fifth and universal race. O C. Their overthrow by other races. O º· The end of the world. QUESTION 4 According to Vasconcelos, our age represents a conflict between O A. East and west O B. White and non-white O C. Latinism and Anglo-Saxonism O D. Good and evil QUESTION 5 According to Vasconcelos , the greatest battle was lost when? 0 A. The day the British defeated the invincible Spanish Armada. 0 B. The day the French and Spanish lost to the British in the battle of Trafalgar. n C. The day the US defeated Spain in Santiago Cuba, Cavite , and Manila. 0 D. The day each lberian republic went farth alone. QUESTION 6 According to Vasconcelos , in arder far Latín American patriotism to have sure support it must be initiated where? n A. Father Hialgo's cry far independence. 0 B. The conspiration of Quito. 0 C. Cuauhtemoc and Atahualpa. n D. The feats of Bolívar. QUESTION 7 Whom does Vasconcelos blame far the Latins loss to the Anglos-Saxons in the Americas? 0 A. Simon Bolivar 0 B. Napoleon 0 C.The Pope 0 D. The King of Spain QUESTION 8 According to Vasconcelos, the white race has fulfilled its destiny and have st the basis far the new period which is what? 0 A. The period of the fusion and mixing of the peoples. 0 B. The period of biblical times. 0 C. The period of the illustrious Atlanteans. 0 D. The period of caesarism. QUESTION 9 According to Vasconcelos, what gives Latín Americans new rights and hopes for a mission without precedent in history? n A. That God has guided the Latins, while the Anglos have killed each other. n B. That the white race destroyed other races, while Latin Americans assimilated them . n C. That the Latins destroyed other races, while Anglos mixed with them. n D. That Napoleon and others like him are dead and gone. QUESTION 10 According to Vasconcelos, even during the chaotic period of independence we could see glimpses of this eagerness for universal and synthetic race. n True n False

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