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QUESTION 1 originated in France with the work of Auguste Comte. QUESTION 2 Who founded the influential National Preparatory School under the authority of Mexican President Benito Juárez? A Domingo Sarmiento B. José Marti C Gabino Barreda D Juan Manuel de Rosas QUESTION 3 Domingo Sarmiento (1811-1888) was part of an Argentinian intellectual movement known as? A La Generación del 37 B. Freedom 35 C. Gauchos D. Los Científicos QUESTION 4 Juan Manuel de Rosas is an example of what kind of leader? A Caudillo B. Republican C. Democrat D Viceroy QUESTION 5 Domingo Sarmiento was president of Argentina. True False QUE STION 1 In describing the boundaries of Argentina, Sarmiento tells us that to thenorth are all of the following EXCEPT? OA The Gran Chaco OB Bolivia OC The Strait Magellan OD Paraguay QUE ISTION 2 According Sarmiento, the universal characteristic of Argentina what? OA Immensity OB. Unimportance OC The plains OD rivers QUE TION 3 According Sarmiento life outside the towns, in his opinion stamps upon the Argentine character certain social resignation O. Lasso tricks Death violence Life in the pampas. OD Being constantly vigilant of "savages." QUE: TION According tr Sarmiento Argentina can be divided into three regions The north which predominantly forest The central which combination of plain and forest And lastly the south, which all what? OA Swap land OE Plain oc Rainforest OD Mountain ranges QUE TION 5 According Sarmiento the Gaucho loves to travel by water so much thathe thinks of Argentina's navigable rivers as the greatest blessing Providence has bestowed upon them o True O False QUESTION 6 According Sarmiento Buenos Ayres (sic) should have by now become the Babylon of the Americas in for tor? o The influence the Pampas o All rivers that surround it o The lasso tricks performed t the Gauchos. O its lack of communication with Europe QUESTION 7 According Sarmiento Buenos Ayres (sic) sends only what the interior provinces? O Chains, exterminating hordes, and petty subaltern tyrants O Light, wealth, and prosperity O Americar Bedouins, savages, and Rosas O Civilization industry, and European population QUESTION 8 According Sarmiento which race nearly extinct Argentina (except n Buenos Ayres) buthas left link which connects civilized man with the denizen the woods? OA Asian European (i.e. Blanco) OC African (i.e. Negro) OD Native American Indio) QUE TION 9 Among the "education the country people" Sarmiento includes all of the following EXECPT? OA Boys learning lasso tricks OB Young men learning how ride horseback and break wild colts oc Women performing all domestic occupations OD. Learning navigate dangerous rivers and waterways QUESTION 10 In the eveso the Gaucho whoi the most contemptible of : men? OA Asians OB Europeans oo Native American OD. Africans QUE TION 11 Accordina to Sarmiento, what makes the gaucho familiar with bloodshed and hardens their hearts against the groans of their victims? Slaughtering cattle Fighting savages oc Killing tigers with daggers OD Confused religious notions QUE TION 12 The disorganization implants their natures kind of barbarism but what example does Sarmiento one attractive element the Gaucho? His navigational His formal does o moral and

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