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"An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals" section 9 by David Hume.
Write an objection paper on the article.
Specific Instructions:
Which claim is false?Attack the target. The key to understanding any argument is identifying its weakness. The goal of this assignment is to object to the author’s argument. A good argument is both valid and sound. A valid argument is one in which the conclusion follows with necessity from the premises. A sound argument is one which is valid and which has all true premises. This means that in order to object to an argument you must show either that the conclusion does not follow or that one of the premises is false (note: some argument forms are not linear – showing some premises to be false does not successfully deny the argument). The difficulty with this assignment is not with identifying the point at which to object but rather with supporting your objection, showing that your objection is on target and powerful. One must understand the author’s position, have accurately identified the argument, and found the most important claim in order to object successfully. A good objection is more than a mere denial of some claim or the conclusion; it shows the claim or conclusion to be false.

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Hume’s conception of morals and his conception of the nature of value are, necessarily, very closely bound together. While Section 9 presents the supposed self-evidence of Hume’s conception of value—personal merit, in the passage’s exact parlance—as occurring first, it is not self-evident that it comes first for Hume, as a foundation...

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