Using one or more ethical theories as a framework, discuss the foll...

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Using one or more ethical theories as a framework, discuss the following:
Should companies be responsible for the unemployment caused by their information systems?
Your assignment should be produced in a word document format. 1500 word essay. At least 6 academic references.

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Businesses are often faced with making difficult decisions that affect their employees. One of the most difficult decisions a company can make is whether or not to terminate an employee. In this paper, the question of employee termination will be addressed. Companies are moving to “Big Data” to help make these decisions (Nerney 2014). For example, a clerk at a grocery store is called to the supervisor’s office. The worker is given a print out of their performance, and then is told that according to the company’s internal performance management software, he or she has underperformed on the job in the last twelve months and will be terminated at the end of the week. With the rise in technology information systems, situations like this one will become more common. To adequately evaluate the amount of responsibility a company has towards terminated employees caused by information systems (e.g., HRIS, Performance Management Software, etc.), we can use a Utilitarian ethical framework to judge the consequences of the company’s actions.
For example, if an employee loses his job by a faulty calculation in the Human Resources Performance Management Tool, it is more fruitful to look at the amount of harm his or her termination caused as an evaluative tool. Termination of the incorrect individual, for example, can have a negative effect on retention and turnover rates (Huselid 1995). Companies need to invest in quality tools to ensure the best possible outcomes. In this way, this paper will argue for a Utilitarian ethical framework to make accountable...

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