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The essay topic is:
Economic factors associated with abortion and the "Right of the women over her body"

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The Supply and Demand of a Woman’s Body:
Economics and the Ethics of Women’s Reproductive Rights

In this research paper, an ethical defense of abortion and the reproductive rights of-women will be explored via the lens of economics. Public policy is often enacted without due diligence given to the effects policy has on the economy (Grossman 1993). The economy of val-ues matters in this discussion and this is not an essay on medical, moral philosophy, but rather an applied ethics argument on the economic factors that contribute to the assertion that women’s reproductive rights over her body ought to be safeguarded.
In general, this paper takes the view that human suffering ought to be eliminated as much as possible, and human beings should be given the greatest amount of utility to secure the great-est possible amount of happiness (Mill 1863). The economy is a tool by which people’s access to utility (goods and services) is regulated. Access to health care is a utility that is determined by socioeconomic factors (Gil-Lacruz 2011). Public policies ought to reduce the chances for un-wanted pregnancies (the suffering aspect of the equation) and make more available access to women’s health services that not only make women more active members of society but provide women with equitable reproductive services across all states in the country....

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