A licensed veterinarian in Texas with 30 years experience gave advice over the Internet to pet owners, some in remote parts of the world, about pet health issues. The Texas government ordered him to shut his site because it is illegal in Texas for a veterinarian to give advice over the Internet without examining the animal.

a) Write a short essay (at least one page) arguing against the law as it applies in this situation.

b) Write a short essay (at least one page) arguing in favor of the law.

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This law and the decision of the Texas government to shut down the website violate the First amendment. Giving advice over the internet is a form of speech, and speech is protected by the First amendment. The advice of the veterinarian is not considered obligatory as it is only advice given without examining the animal.

The law that forbids veterinarians to give advice online is a clear example how a 19th century law can be an obstacle to 21st century development of technologies. The law should be changed as it represents remains of a thought that believes knowledge should be suppressed in an effort to control who may say what to whom.

This veterinarian has helped pet owners around the world with the advices he has given. He also helped a large number of Americans who can’t afford a veterinarian and that was his huge contribution to development of ideas and knowledge. State of Texas cannot criminalize a situation where people share their own ideas and thoughts....
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