Write an essay (research paper) on net neutrality that interests you and holds several ethical implications as it affects children in society today.

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Network Neutrality and the Issue of Protecting Children:
Introduction to Technology and Ethics in Society

The discussion about network neutrality is based on a movement to promote “non-discriminatory interconnectedness among data communications” that give users easier access to the content and services they want, such as streaming movies on Netflix, or the ability to purchase apps without considerable lag on Apple’s App store on Google’s Play store (Yemin 24). Those who are not in favor of net neutrality think that “open access regulations” are unnecessary (Wu 141). Believe that self-regulation, and even discrimination by private entities, will not adversely affect competition at the edges and—importantly—may more effectively preserve network economics.' It is interesting that anxiety about the safety of children is something that tugs at the edges of this debate.
Lessig explains that the Internet is like the electrical grid. Proponents of network neutrality say that only the way in which the grid is connected and how much power you’re using to access the grid is what matters (Democracy Now!). To take it a step further, it is like saying network neutrality is an attempt to remove moral contours from the debate....
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