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This is an assignment for an APA style research paper on patient care analyzing different medical pamphlets disseminated to patients in Canada. The goal of the ethical analysis is to look at how medical information is disseminated in Canada.

You will be required to obtain three different health information pamphlets or medical requisitions to critique.

Part A
- Pamphlet name
- Who is the company or sponsor?
- Do the authors or sponsors list their qualifications?
- Who is the intended audience for this information?

Part B
Write a 1-2 page critique of each source.

- Did the pamphlet address the cultural diversity evident in our Canadian landscape?
- To what extent are stereotypes used in the pamphlet?
- Do you think the information is accurate? Would it be accurate for a small group of people or "society" in general?
- Does the information seem biased?
- Suggest ways this information could have been more effectively delivered. Use other outside resources to support your opinions.


Canadian Testicular Cancer Association (n.d.). Take testicular cancer seriously. Kitchener, ON.
Flu shot safety. (n.d.). Retrieved March 31, 2015, from

Jubelirer, S. J. (1991). Level of reading difficulty in educational pamphlets and informed consent documents for cancer patients. The West Virginia medical journal, 87(12), 554-557.

Makadon, H. J. (2011). Ending LGBT invisibility in health care: The first step in ensuring equitable care. Cleveland Clinic journal of medicine, 78(4), 220-224.

Merck, Inc. (2012). One infected partner may be all it takes to get HPV. Merck Canada, Inc.
Ontario, Government. Stay healthy this flu season (2008). Queen's Printer for Ontario. Ontario, Canada.

Rosner, F., Berger, J. T., Kark, P., Potash, J., & Bennett, A. J. (2000). Disclosure and prevention of medical errors. Archives of Internal medicine, 160(14), 2089-2092.

Wilson, P. (2002). How to find the good and avoid the bad or ugly: a short guide to tools for rating quality of health information on the internet. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 324(7337), 598.

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HPV Pamphlet
The HPV pamphlet attempts to depict diversity in the Canadian landscape but fails to illustrate all sexual orientations. First, since the HPV pamphlet is meant to market a vaccine to protect from cervical anal cancer, the images seem to suggest a healthy heterosexual relationships. As Mackadon suggests, gay and lesbians are often seen as “invisible” in modern healthcare (2011). There is no mention in the pamphlet of the LGBT community, and the wording of the text assumes heterosexuality. The front cover depicts a Caucasian heterosexual couple. One photo inside the pamphlet shows a mixed race couple, and the final image shows what appears to be an Asian woman standing alone....

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